MDC@home brings the groundbreaking Male Dancer Conference to your home with interactive dance and body/mind training online. Our virtual dance, strength, flexibility and skills training is specifically designed for boys and men. Classes are interactive and are taught by highly sought after instructors who specialize in training the male dancer.




Virtual Male Dancer Conference: September 3-5

The course work and conversations on September 3rd and 4th are most appropriate for dancers over age 12 at the intermediate level. 

Dancers 10+ are invited to participate in Sunday's programing on September 5th.

You can purchase a single day or 3-day pass. After purchasing, follow the directions in the confirmation email to register for each day. 

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September 3rd: 4pm - 8pm EST

Contemporary Ballet Workshop with Donnie Duncan Jr. of the iconic Nederlands Dans Theater. 


Contemporary Ballet Class with Brandon Gray of the legendary 
Complexions Dance Company

Francisco Estevez of @candidlycreated teaches how to take ballet headshots, video reels, and what summer schools and year round programs are looking for.


Just Friday:

All 3 Days


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September 4th: 11am - 3pm EST

Real Advice, from whom we consider, ballet competition royalty and principal dancer for English National Ballet - Jeffrey Cirio. 

Ballet Master Class with Joseph Gatti - A pioneer in conditioning and injury prevention and made a living from guest performing around the world.

An HOUR of  recovery conditioning by MDC owner Michael Vadacchino.


Just Saturday

All 3 days


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September 5th: 2pm - 6pm EST

Ballet master class and Variation from MDC program director and Colorado Ballet's Bryce Lee.

Parents discussion and Q&A with Marcy Lee (Bryce's Mom).

Parents, this is your day too. Watch your dancer rock the variation and ballet class with Bryce and then use the time with Marcy to find out some of the in's and out's she learned raising 3 dancers, 2 of them boys. 


Just Sunday

All 3 Days




Strength, flexibility, understanding and health are the key to achieving skill progression. Dance studios and schools can only do so much, especially for the guys.

The MDC@home program is here to help. Have a look at our suite of class offerings and we will see you in class. You’ll be stronger, more flexible and informed immediately.

There are 4 main reasons a dancer will struggle with skills:

  • They aren’t strong enough “yet”.

  • They aren’t flexible enough “yet”.

  • They don’t get it “yet".

  • They are injured or exhausted.  

Our training offers an expedited path past “yet”:

  • Powerful Strength Training

  • Intelligent Flexibility Training

  • Insightful Correction Training

  • Rehabilitating Recovery training

 "From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. You are giving the dance community untold riches in this outreach. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"