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The Male Dancer Conference is going small to go big. 

The first ever MDCmini debuts in Salida, Colorado.

July 31st-August 3rd, 2020

For more info and to register:

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It is a great experience, my son is older so he already loves dance, but it was great to see boys from 8 to over 18. I was very impressed with the caliber of Teachers and Students. It was worth every penny. Next year we will be back for sure!


This conference is just too good to keep to once a year in one (very expensive) city. It's time to put the format, the philosophy, the power in more hands than ours. 

This conference is not just a spectacular educational and social event. It's a philosophy that brings people together, creating a tribe and an environment that facilitates superior learning and transforms lives. We need more of this, way more of this. 

So here's how. We are building an official MDCmini program where studios all over the world can offer this spectacular experience with their own personal touches. We want the qualified studios to stick to the MDC format and philosophy but use their environment and creativity to make it their own. This way, each MDCmini can be relied upon for the most important parts but also offer something different. 

If you are interested in hosting an MDCmini contact: I'll schedule some time (hi, this is Michael you're reading) to call you and talk about where we are at with the development. 

If you want a life changing, tribe building, skill enhancing, soul lifting experience all designed for the male and male identifying dancer:  go to the first MDCmini this summer in beautiful Salida Colorado.