One of the many advantages of having this event in NYC is being exposed to so many great cultural opportunities.  Last year, there was some informal organizing to have the attendees and their families see some Broadway shows using a group discount.  This year, the MDC is working with Broadway Inbound to give everyone a chance to see one of the following two shows on Saturday, August 3rd.  Both King Kong and Chicago have a strong, male dance presence. (Not to mention this year's MDC Faculty includes dancers that have performed in both these shows!) Breakdown of ticket information can be found below :)

How do I get tickets?

1- Review the shows and available seating listed below.

2- Email your show choice, seat selection, and number of tickets to Mick Gunter at, with the subject line: "MDC Broadway Tickets"

3- Once the Group Attendee minimum is met, an email will get sent out from Mick to everyone who requested tickets, with a link to his "Square Store".  You will have to complete your order within 48 hours of receiving the link.

4- Mick will be available during the conference to get you your tickets before the show :)


We'd like to place our first order of tickets by July 1. More tickets can be added for those who order later, but the sooner we make purchases, the sooner we can lock down these rates!  For any questions you might have, contact Mick Gunter at

***The listed prices below include a small percentage fee***

***to cover Mick's Square Store costs, no worries...***

***this is much cheaper than the convenience fees charged at the box office!***


King Kong, on Broadway

***we must hit a minimum group of 10***


Front Orchestra Rows A-S


Rear Center Orchestra Rows T-V


Rear Side Orchestra Rows  T-V


Rear Orchestra Rows W-Y


Front Mezzanine


Side Front Mezzanine/Mid Mezzanine


Rear Mezzanine



Chicago, on Broadway

***we must hit a minimum group of 10***


Orchestra/Front Mezzanine


Orchestra Select Sides


Orchestra Sides Rows K-P


Front Mezzanine Sides Rows A-E


Front Mezzanine Far Sides


Rear Mezzanine Rows A-D


Rear Mezzanine Rows E-F


Rear Mezzanine Rows G-J



"Best Seats in the House"





Beetlejuice, on Broadway

***we must hit a minimum group of 12***


If you are interested in seeing Beetlejuice on August 6th at 7 PM, here are the details for those tickets:



"Best Seats in the House"


Mezzanine Rows A-D (Center)


Orchestra Rows A-N


Orchestra Rows O-S/B-N (Far Sides)


Orchestra Rows O-S (Far Sides)

/Mezzanine Rows A-D (Sides)


Orchestra Rows T-V (Center)

/Mezzanine Rows A-D (Far Sides)


Orchestra Rows T-V (Sides)


Mezzanine Rows E-H (Center)

/Mezzanine Rows E-J (Sides)