"What an outstanding faculty! The classes had a good variety and challenged the boys without discouraging them. I was amazed at how much they learned in so little time!"

"Wow, the caliber of teachers you pulled together was super-impressive. You also managed to find professionals who were especially gifted at teaching young men, without judgement but with a level of expectation that was just right."

Becky C.

"The teachers were amazing. They worked the boys hard - Especially in ballet! It was great. It was so awesome to have my son be taught by men who understand the difference between teaching a girl versus a boy."

Carmina B.

"MDC really emphasizes on being a well-rounded and balanced PERSON. The boys aren't treated like dancing machines or another student, but individuals. The instructors aren't just there to teach, but to be mentors and role models."

Josephine O.

I feel the parent discussion gave the opportunity for us to help others and remind ourselves that we must advocate for our sons so they know how to advocate for themselves.

Martha L.