" A rare and precious treasure "

Lauren K.

Son, Sage - Age 13.

The gift you offered to these boys is the opportunity to see themselves as extraordinary just as they are. They got to be 100% present with themselves not as the dancers they will become (though, of course there was inspiration to improve), but to trust that improvement comes with hard work, and that the dancers they are right now in this moment, are already magnificent and worthy. That is not a gift to be taken lightly. My heart is so full of gratitude for the care you have taken to tend, not only to their bodies, but to their dancer spirits and hearts. This is a rare and precious treasure.

" Way better bang for my buck"

Lisa F.

Son, Griffen - Age 16

This is exactly what he needed at a crucial time for him as he is making decisions about his future path. The small class size made it possible for him to be 100 percent engaged in the instruction. This was a way better bang for my buck (even with the exchange to Canadian dollars!!!) Thanks for having the vision to create this wonderful event!

" I was moved to tears ... many times"

Angel C.

Son, Declan - Age 14 

We faced a lot of push-back from Declan's teacher about this conference. It was everything we hoped it would be and more. Declan was probably the least experienced boy there, especially in his age group ...  He was always elated, challenged, and simply so happy to be able to try and make friends. All of the boys there that I met were amazing young men. He was never singled out for being a beginner. The instructors were kind to him and remembered him, even though he was always in the back of the room. There is no place on earth that he would have had the same opportunity to try hard things and to experience new things in the world of dance in such a safe environment. As for me, there is no greater gift that one can give me as a mother than to inspire and care for my child just as he is ... I was moved to tears from the opening ceremony to the end many, many times. I also met some truly wonderful parents who listened to me and encouraged me. We really did feel like family by the end.

" Worth every penny "

Michelle M.

Son, Koltan - Age 16 

A great experience, my son is older so he already loves dance, but it was great to see boys from 8 to over 18. I was very impressed with the caliber of Teachers and Students. It was worth every penny. Next year we will be back for sure!

" The highlight of my summer "

Becky C.

Son, Carlos - Age 17 

Carlos: It was the highlight of my summer. It was so much fun to meet all these boys from all around the country (even from different countries) just to come together to dance and have a good time. Also, taking dancing classes in New York as a teen really gets you in the vibe of how the professionals operate and you feel like you'll live that life​.

Tracey: He commuted into NYC (from NJ) for the first time alone, so that in itself was a turning point, but he came away with so much confidence (and joy). It was one of the best things he's ever done on summer break. I only wish he'd done it last summer.

" Changed his life "

Jennifer J.


Son, William - Age 9

William loved the experience of the MDC. He has made clear in very certain terms that MDC was the highlight of his summer.  If you have the resources to give your son this experience, then you will not be sorry to do it. It's an amazing experience for boy dancers.


To the organizers, a heartfelt thank you for all that you did to give my son an experience that changed his life and made him so happy.

" The beginning of a tradition for us "

Tracey C.


Son, Graham - Age 9

We LOVED the MDC. We loved seeing how it made our boy feel. How he walked down the NYC streets in dance tights each morning and came home with new friends and dance experiences each evening. Why did I bother packing street clothes?! :)  We loved how the teachers knew him by the end of day 1 and by the end of day 5 like they had been working together forever.  We loved that he has a whole new group of friends that share his love of dance. He can't wait to get back to NYC and see everyone again. This is certainly the beginning of a tradition for us!


Until we came, and until we sat with other parents, we didn't even realize how much there is to be gained from being around each other. There is so much knowledge between us that can help our boys excel. Take advantage of that and join us!

" We look forward to our third boy attending "

Natalie A.

Sons, Charlie - Age 12 & Max - Age 9

It is a one of a kind, unique experience! Two years in and we were overwhelmed with the level at which this event is operating at! We didn’t anticipate the growth and we were just blown away! Your son(s) will be forever changed and completely anxious to go back next year.


We will continue to drive our whole family in our big van from Michigan to stay in Jersey and commute downtown as long as our boys want to come! We look forward to our third boy attending next summer while two more wait to be able to participate

" Not only will he find a network, so will you"

Martha L.

Son, Sean - Age 14 

If you are looking for an intensive to help support you and your son, this is the one. Not only will he find a network of support, so will you.  In Sean's words, stop thinking and go, it's so worth it!

This is our second year and Sean and I had another amazing experience. We are lucky in our studio to have 6 boys on the competition team and 7 in the recreational program. However, Sean is the only boy who dreams of a career with dance in it. That leads to a different set of issues at times. Being able to come to an event that allows him to meet others with his same dreams has empowered him to be more responsible and not let others views influence him.  

" Refreshed, rejuvenated and inspired"

Josephine O.

Son, Celeb - Age 13

MDC really emphasizes on being a well-rounded and balanced PERSON. The boys aren't treated like dancing machines or another student, but individuals. The instructors aren't just there to teach, but to be mentors and role models. Michael and Sarah and their crew are kind and thoughtful and phenomenal when it comes to feedback, answering questions, and being sensitive to accommodating parent suggestions and dancer needs. Your dancer will go and come out of the MDC feeling refreshed and rejuvenated and inspired, because of the unique all-male environment.