“An authentic experience immersed in professionalism, mutual respect and kindness.”

The Male Dancer Conference is a groundbreaking, educational and social event designed exclusively for male dancers. It features education, connection and conversation all designed to improve the present skills and future lives of male dancers. It stands as one of the only large-group, multidimensional events for male dancers to gather, learn, share, and connect. MDC participants leave as better dancers who feel enriched, empowered and connected to a community.

The conference is a non-competitive 5 day experience giving every participant a "growth spurt" in their physical, mental and soulful dancing selves. It is not a competition, it is not a convention. It is unification - and it's wonderful. 

The conference accepts male and male identifying dancers between the ages of 8* - 22. Four groups are created out of the 150 max registrations available.  Groupings will be dependent on age, experience, and maturity. Visit the Registration page for more info.